Safaris in Kenya

Kenya in East Africa is a democratic republic since independence from Britain in 1963 under the founding president, the late Jomo Kenyatta, following the Mau Mau freedom struggle.

The capital city is Nairobi (with close to 4 million inhabitants) while other important cities include Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru and Nyeri.

Kenya is 3 hours ahead of GMT, has an area of 582,650 sq km (about same size as Texas or France) and is dissected into two by the Equator. Its’ neighbours are Tanzania to the south, Uganda to the west, Sudan and Ethiopia to the north and Somali to the east as well as a 1,420km Indian Ocean coastline.

Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania share the 68,800 sq km coastline of Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake and the world’s second widest fresh water and the source of White River Nile.

Located at the heart of Africa, Nairobi is the continent’s commercial and airline hub, for major global airlines and link to the rest of Africa.

Most of business and Non-Governmental Organizations (e.g. the UN, Habitat, UNESCO, International banks etc.) have their regional headquarters here. Kenya boasts of a dynamic, well-educated and multi-lingual workforce.

The main cities and towns also have modern health facilities and one of the best air ambulance services in Africa is located in Nairobi.