In the cities and at the coast, you get a good mix of budget, standard, high class and boutique hotels. 

On safari, there is the option of budget camping, standard/high class lodges with en suite rooms or permanent camps featuring superior and luxury en suite tented rooms.  Usually, the tents in the permanent camps have a wooden or concrete base, sometimes raised on stilts, and a bathroom at the back of the tent.  The dimensions of the tent and facilities included in it are usually comparable to those in the luxury lodge rooms. 

Lodges and camps usually have a double bed or 2 twin beds per room, on average accommodating one or two adults (single, twin or double room).  3rd bed children (up to 12 years) are normally accommodated in the rooms/tents and in some cases, 3rd bed adults as well (to make a triple room/tent).  In most cases, a triple room/tent is furnished with two beds - double and single beds – or, on request, 3 single beds.  An infant (0-2 year olds) is accommodated free in a baby-cot. 

On safari, most lodges and camps feature an electrical fence to keep away animals from the compound.  Those that do not have such fences (where animals sometimes roam free in the compound) usually do not allow children. 

Unlike Europe, America and most of the world where at the coast, there is usually a road between a hotel and the public beach, here in East Africa, the coast hotels are built right on the beach-front, with nothing but the white sandy beach between the hotel and the ocean.