Game Viewing Activities

Game Viewing Activities

Whilst on safari in Kenya, activities are made and varied.  Primarily, clients drive or fly from one park to another.  When driving, they may visit local villages to interact with the people of different cultures. 

In the game parks, the norm is to be driven out in search for game in their natural habitats.  Some Lodges have salt licks and watering holes where animals and birds come quite close allowing for easy game viewing from the precincts of the lodge.  

In some areas, escorted game viewing is allowed by foot, with armed guards.  Other areas offer horse-back game viewing and camel walks/rides.  Game viewing by boat is popular in areas where there are rivers and lakes.  Where available, night game drives are unique for nocturnal animals and birds. 

The African skies are amazing for breathtaking sunrises and sunsets – and at night, the moon dazzles while the stars twinkle with a heavenly aura. 

There are over 1,000 different bird species in Kenya, some endemic and others migrants from Europe en route to Southern Africa.  Prime birding locations can be found in some of the national parks.